Since its founding in 1995 by two former oil and gas executives, John Henry Petroleum has established its place as a prominent and wholly independent exploration and production company. It has been able to do that because it just operates differently. Of course, the different approach was intentional. The founders wanted the company to be a leader when it came to the better use of technology. Over the course of two decades, John Henry Petroleum has become exactly what it planned to be, which is one of the most innovative oil and gas industry leaders in the world. By learning the best ways to apply the best technologies available to the search for oil and gas and teaching others those methods, John Henry Petroleum has shown itself to be very profitable, while also serving to stimulate further industry innovation.

Because of the constant development, they not only generate greater profits through growth in both net production volumes and in net proved reserves, but they have been able to show others how to increase production and control costs. These methods allow companies to focus their drilling efforts in only the most prolific areas in the prospect inventory in their portfolio.