John Henry Petroleum (JHP) was founded two decades ago by two former oil and gas executives. They did so because they wanted to move their industry forward at a faster rate. By learning how to produce more oil and gas more efficiently through the use of new technologies, they can increase their company’s net worth, while also moving their industry forward.

The John Henry Petroleum business strategy combines the use of the best new technologies and systems available to maximize oil and gas production with the ability to make the technology available to the rest of the industry, making the innovation so valuable that other companies will want it. Their use of technologies such as 3D seismic imaging, new deviated and horizontal drilling technologies have made everyone better.
As one of the finest and most innovative oil and gas companies in the business, John Henry Petroleum has turned itself into one of the more forward-thinking oil and gas companies in the world. In doing so, they have been able to generate strong and steady growth in both net production volumes and in net proved reserves, which makes the future very bright for JHP.