Almost from their start in 1995, John Henry Petroleum (JHP) has been one of the more forward-thinking oil and gas companies in the world and it is that sense of innovation that makes them an oil and gas company prepared for the future. By examining and implementing the best technologies available to the search for oil and gas, JHP has become a leader in the oil and gas industry, but more than that, they have also been able to stimulate further innovation.

John Henry Petroleum was created by two former oil and gas executives who wanted to move their industry forward much faster because they believed that to be the key to greater profitability. They learned how to use newly developed technologies, such as 3D seismic imaging, new deviated and horizontal drilling technologies to make oil and gas production more efficient and profitable.

By placing innovation and discovery at top of the agenda, JHP put themselves in a positon to overcome risks and increase their possible reward. Using the best technologies and systems available to maximize oil and gas production doesn’t just maximize short-term profits, it also makes the company’s technology a far more valuable part of the business.

John Henry Petroleum has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Because their focus has been on efficient exploration, they now have a large inventory of proven oil and gas production and they have been able to leverage that to make them a very successful oil production company.